• How did the early Christian church grow so rapidly in numbers and in geographic impact?

  • How can Christians share God's love with their neighbors who won't attend church services?

  • How can technology enable Christians to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ?

Early Christians had a zeal and devotion to Jesus that lead them to go into all the world making disciples. Individual believers were sharing their personal joy of knowing the risen Christ. Today's Christians must also have a personal relationship with Jesus and should develop the same natural ease of sharing with others. Personal discipleship is a key emphasis of our ministry and is essential to spiritual growth and maturity. An involvement with missions and evangelism is a natural result of spiritual development.

Church of the New Covenant and New Covenant Outreach Ministries believe the Christian church is made up of people deepening their relationship with God and with each other. By meeting in homes we encourage close fellowship, create a warm and open setting, and free up financial resources to support missionary activity and help those in need. Our core focus is building on the solid rock of faith in Jesus Christ by studying and understanding the Bible with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We work in support of other churches and like-minded Christian ministries to encourage home Bible study, outreach to the unchurched, and the use of the Internet to share the good news of God's everlasting love.